We give CHildren Education, RIghts and SHelter

About us

We are a small non-government organization which is located in Münster, Germany. CHER!SH has been founded by Wiebke and Khanh, who have both lived in their project countries for several years and again and again noticed the unequal starting conditions, in which the children of our world are growing up. We feel we had a lot of luck to have grown up in Europe and wish to share some of it with those who have less opportunities in their home countries.

Lack of life opportunities affects children in a particular way. Therefore they are the ones being primarily in the focus of our action. We wish to empower them in such a way, that they will be able to use their newly gained opportunities for the benefit of their environment, thus contributing to the development of their countries. Help us to support these children. They deserve a chance!