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Donation information

Thank you for your interest in supporting us! Your donation helps to protect children in Vietnam and Ghana from a life on the streets! Being a non profit organization, we are all working on voluntary basis without payment. This enables us to keep our administrative cost very low and invest over 95% of all donations in our projects.

Bank account

IBAN: BE16 9671 9211 9374


TransferWise Europe SA
Avenue Louise 54,
Room S52
Brussels 1050, Belgium

For transaction in Vietnam:

Bank account

Pham Thi Thu Hang
IBAN: 0820 3489 898


19-21-23-25 Nguyễn Huệ,
Phường Bến Nghé
Quận 1, Tp. HCM, Vietnam

Please state in the intended purpose the project you are donating for.

Every donation helps, no matter how big or small! We thank you in the name of all children and workers of our projects!

For Beads of Life - Ghana

Donation Receipts

We are legally entitled by the internal revenue of Münster, Germany, to issue donation receipts for tax deduction. If you wish to receive a donation receipt, please note besides the project you want to support also your name and address in the purpose of your donation. Data security is important to us. Your personal data will be used only for issuing the donation receipt and will not be handed on to third parties.
All donors from Germany will receive a donation receipt automatically at the start of the following year (if you don't need a receipt, you can help us cutting administrative cost by informing us). If you are a resident of another country, we will issue a receipt for you upon request.

How you can help and support

  • » Single donation
    • Donate an amount of your choice for one of our projects.
  • » Regular donations by banking order
    • Regular donations help us to reliably plan and work towards long-term goals in the projects, making a sustainable impact on the childrens lives.
  • » Fundraising campaigns
    • Use your birthday or an anniversary as fundraising event for CHER!SH.
      Raise funds by collecting and returning bottles and donate the money value to CHER!SH.
      Position saving boxes in shops or companies known to you and take the responsibility to regularly count and transfer the money to CHER!SH.
      Be creative and realize your own ideas. We are happy to support you by providing necessary materials such as flyers and saving boxes.
  • » Membership
    • Become a member of CHER!SH and actively participate in the implementation of our projects.
  • » Donations in kind
    • You have childrens clothes, electrical appliances such as laptops and smart phones or other useful possessions you want to hand on? Donate your items to CHER!SH!
  • » Support us by buying our T-shirt
  • » Download the music of our fundraising videos.