Miisland-Project accomplished

Miisland has been our first project in Vietnam. The children of the orphanage have lived for many years on the island Mi Hon Lon. Due to the poor infrastructure on the island our main targets in the project were to generate souces of renewable energy, to enhance mobility and improve education of the children. Our cooperation with Miisland is now in it's last stage and will soon be completed.
This is how we supported the children of the Miisland project:

  • Education
    • We sponsored the education of several children by paying for school fees and school materials.
  • Energy supply
    • Thanks to lots of donations we were able to set up a solar plant on the premises of the orphanage as an eco-friendly and sustainable energy source.
  • Enhancing mobility
    • To help cover the long distances on the island we provided an e-bike. This often simplified the way to school or other errands.


    We thank all our donors who supported our work in Miisland. You have helped us to improve the children's quality of life! If you want to continue to support our work for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, please donate for our new project „Right of HoPe“ in Danang!