R!ghts of HoPe – Vietnam

R!ghts of HoPe is our new poject in Vietnam. HoPe stands for Hope and Perspective, which we feel every child should have a right to.

The home was founded 1994 by a french doctor Nguyen Chanh who started with small fundraising campaigns to support disadvantaged children in the region. As the project became better known, additional supporters came in who shared the vision of the founder, to protect needy children from a life on the streets. As more and more children were admitted, a few vietnamese women took responsibility for the project.

Currently, the home is being managed by three women, who are working on voluntary basis, sharing the work amongst them. They see to it, that the children have a structured life, they manage the financial means of the home, cook and plan the week for every child, so that these can focus on their education. They take care of the children, guide and support them until the age of 18, when they have to leave the home to make room for other children.

Central project activities

Improving conditions of life

tomken The town Danang has provided an old building for the accommodation of the children. The building contains a kitchen, a classroom for extra-classes, a common room and five bedrooms, which accommodate the children according to age and sex.
CHER!SH seeks to improve the poor living conditions for the children. This includes facilities to heat water, which will provide the children with warm water during the colder months in winter. In addition we are aiming to install an aircondition to climatize the building. To reduce cost for these additional electrical appliances, we will use a solar system as a sustainabel alternative to the conventional generation of power.

Enhancing job options

All children supported by HoPe attend to school. To secure the education of every child, we help with school fees and materials. As the english language gains more and more importance on the vietnamese labour market it is our aim to offer high quality english lessons to all children to improve their future job options. We are therefore planning a volunteer programme with native speakers who are interested in teaching our children.